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Burlington Post Readers Choice Award
MyNewMortgage.ca Featured In The Burlington Post

  MyNewMortgage.ca recently was fortunate to be featured in the Burlington Post for the Annual Readers Choice Awards. Here is the article explaining the launch of the site. – Burlington Post Traditionally the process of obtaining a mortgage was limited to walking into your bank and signing their offer. Today the consumer experience is much […]

The Week In Mortgage News

  Each week we will compile a list of the poignant mortgage related stories in the news which we will end  with an update on interest rates. March 21-27 2011     This was a busy week for mortgages in the news as the Federal Government released the Budget and global uncertainty continued to affect […]

8 Ways To Save For Your Mortgage

Many  young Canadians  are working hard to save money and reduce debt. By saving modest amounts, you can reap big rewards over time. Here are easy ways you can save $100 or more this year. 1 . Plug into Bargain Electricity Are your electricity bills excessive? Maybe you’re using too much power at peak hours. […]

New Mortgage Rules Take Effect Today

The new mortgage rules for Insured mortgages take effect today. To recap, the changes that are taking place are for mortgages which require mortgage default insurance.  Default insurance is typically only required on mortgages with less than a 20% down payment. The 2 main changes to take note of are: The maximum amortization has decreased […]

Bank Of Canada Logo
How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate

Have you ever wondered why you were offered a better or worse rate than someone else from your Bank? The Bank of Canada recently published a research paper titled “Discounting in Mortgage Markets” that addresses that question.  What their research found is that over time there has been an increase in the discounting that happens […]

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