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Residential Market Update

Market Commentary The household debt to income ratio has hit an all time high – 165%. Yet the Bank of Canada seems to have gone strangely quiet on the subject. Former bank governor Mark Carey routinely warned of the potential dangers brought by the lure of low interest rates, especially in the housing market. Recently, […]

Liberal Government – How will their policies affect interest rates?

Liberal Infrastructure program, this could lead to an increase in mortgage interest rates

Economic Update from Michael Campbell

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Is the Variable Rate Mortgage a good option?

After the recent fixed rate increases, I have had a few clients asking me if variable rate is a good option. The Bank of Canada indicated in their last announcement that interest rates’, meaning their bank overnight rate, which affects prime, is not going to increasing in the near future.  Saying this they do caution […]

Thank you Burlington for voting me Number One!

Thank you to all who voted for me in the 2013 Burlington Post Readers Choice Awards. This is the 5th year in a row I have won an award and it is all thanks to you for taking the time to vote. Much appreciated. Charmaine Idzerda (Mortgage Broker, Offices in Burlington & Milton Ontario)