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Fixed Rate Vs. Variable Rate

Fixed or Variable? You could poll 50 economists, mortgage brokers and other financial experts and they all might have a different answer to the question of whether to chose a fixed or variable rate for your mortgage. Mortgage rate are constantly in flux and whether or not a fixed or variable rate will create the […]

Home Inspector - Michael Rocha
Home Inspector – Michael Rocha

We chat to Michael Rocha, a home inspector, about the advantages of having a home inspection done and what a home inspector is looking for. First Time Home Buyer,  Ask-The-Experts video series. [youtubegallery] Home Inspection Full Video| What is a Home Inspection?| What kind of things do you look for in a home inspection, and […]

Real Estate Lawyer – Andrew Brown

We chat with Andrew Brown, a Real Estate Lawyer, about his role in the home buying process. First Time Home Buyer,  Ask-The-Experts video series. [youtubegallery] Full Interview with Andrew Brown – Real Estate Lawyer| Why Does a home buyer need a lawyer involved in the transaction?| What are some of the legal costs associated with […]

Daniel Durst - Insurance Agent
Insurance Agent – Daniel Durst

 We chat with Daniel Durst, an insurance agent, about the importance of home insurance. First Time Home Buyer,  Ask-The-Experts video series. [youtubegallery] Full Interview with Daniel Durst – Insurance Specialist| Why is it important to have your Home properly insured?| Why do banks require fire insurance is in place before registering the mortgage?| What type […]

Carol Ann Janecki, CA
Financial Advisor – Carol Ann Janecki, CA

We chat to Carol Ann about the Home Buyers Plan (HBP) program that allows you to withdraw up to…