Thursday, October 28, 2021 02:20


Q. Handyman Specials or Fixer-Uppers are really popular right now. Can you talk about what a first time homebuyer should know when purchasing one of these properties?

A.  When you’re talking about a property that could use a lot of work or you know that has had work performed on it by the previous owner you will want to look for work orders. Your lawyer will help you do this when they search title. If it’s been a particular problematic property there will be work orders on title that will be found out on the lawyers title search and then they can go through the process of cleaning that up so you get good and marketable title. What is most common is that work orders are not on title and are instead registered with the city. What has become practice is that work orders are not regularly searched with the city by lawyers. If you know that this property has been subject to extensive renovations you can yourself, or direct your lawyer to check with this city because it is not in the normal practice to do this. Instead we rely on Title Insurance so that if there are work orders that we don’t know about they will be covered by title insurance.