Thursday, October 28, 2021 02:36


Q. Why does a Homebuyer Need a Lawyer Involved in the Process?

A.  The role of the lawyer is twofold. The first reason is to ensure that you as a purchaser receive good and marketable title to the property. The second reason is to ultimately convey that title to you. The first one, good and marketable title, that ensures that you get what you think that you are paying for. When you purchase a home you are actually buying title to the home, the bundle of rights that is there that allows to you  occupy the residence and prevent other people from doing things to the property. The lawyer will help you search the title to uncover any title defects that are there that include any title defects such as easements and executions that may be registered against title that you don’t want when you purchase the home. The lawyer through their skills will help you clean up that title so you have good and marketable title so that in the future you are able to put mortgages on that title and ultimately sell it. The second role of the lawyer is to do the conveyance to you, so register that transfer of the property to you and any mortgages that go on at that time.