Thursday, October 28, 2021 01:43 Featured In The Burlington Post recently was fortunate to be featured in the Burlington Post for the Annual Readers Choice Awards. Here is the article explaining the launch of the site.

– Burlington Post

Traditionally the process of obtaining a mortgage was limited to walking into your bank and signing their offer. Today the consumer experience is much different.  A recent study conducted by TD noted that 93% of first time home buyers in the past two years made informed financial decisions after researching their mortgage options.

With the constant flow of information on the internet, first time home buyers have the ability to be more aware and savvy of the home buying process than ever before.

The problem that was encountered was that while in theory one could find all the necessary home buying information, it tended to be presented in small pieces, spread out over many resources on the internet.  This is why was established. is the creation of Mortgage Broker and Readers Choice Award winner, Charmaine Idzerda and Mortgage Agent John Shearer, who saw the need for an internet resource for first time home buyers that combined it all.

What sets apart according to Charmaine, is its gathering of Industry Professionals to help educate first time homebuyers “We are mortgage professionals, but we wanted to be able to speak to the entire home buying process. From home insurance to legal matters we wanted to be able to help first time home buyers with all of it”

To do this they made a major improvement over other resources. Co-founder John Shearer explains, “We  felt that where many other sites fall short was in trying to be experts on too many topics. There is a certain unease in having your Mortgage Broker or Banker tell you about  insurance, home inspections and offer legal advice” has brought together Experts in a number of fields and conducted extensive video interviews with them, all posted on their website.  As a result you can access the advice from a number of professionals in the home buying process.  It is their hope that clients looking for a mortgage will use their services, either way, the information is freely given.