Thursday, October 28, 2021 02:14

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Residential Market Update

Market Commentary The household debt to income ratio has hit an all time high – 165%. Yet the Bank of Canada seems to have gone strangely quiet on the subject. Former bank governor Mark Carey routinely warned of the potential dangers brought by the lure of low interest rates, especially in the housing market. Recently, […]

Liberal Government – How will their policies affect interest rates?

Liberal Infrastructure program, this could lead to an increase in mortgage interest rates

Are You Ready For Mortgage Rule Changes?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced early this year that the current government would again be changing regulations for CMHC insured mortgages. Citing the runaway personal debt levels of Canadians, it was determined that limited mortgage options was the best way to curtail personal debt. I would have much rather seen changes to consumer debt legislation […]

Fixed Rate Vs. Variable Rate

Fixed or Variable? You could poll 50 economists, mortgage brokers and other financial experts and they all might have a different answer to the question of whether to chose a fixed or variable rate for your mortgage. Mortgage rate are constantly in flux and whether or not a fixed or variable rate will create the […]

Real Estate Lawyer – Andrew Brown

We chat with Andrew Brown, a Real Estate Lawyer, about his role in the home buying process. First Time Home Buyer,  Ask-The-Experts video series. [youtubegallery] Full Interview with Andrew Brown – Real Estate Lawyer| Why Does a home buyer need a lawyer involved in the transaction?| What are some of the legal costs associated with […]